Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Ans: We use Alexa Rank to estimate visitors, pageviews.

1: How do you estimate the numbers of visitors and pageviews?

2: How do you calculate daily, monthly revenue?

Ans: We use our traffic estimation algorithm to calculate potential advertising revenue of a website based on traffic volumes.

We recognize that every site is different and that some sites, such as ecommerce websites, may also make revenue selling goods, it would be impossible for us to know what that revenue might be. We simply show the real or potential revenue of a website that participates in display advertising.

3: How do you calculate the value of a website?

Ans: We use public traffic ranking data such as Moz, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Social Signals (e.g. Facebook, Google+, etc), we then combine that with Alexa Rank traffic rank statistics, advertising revenue (real or potential) and use a complex algorithm to estimate the value of a website.

We recognize that it would be impossible for any website algorithm to be able to calculate the value of a website with 100% accuracy. However, we've been doing this for a long time and strive to be able to calculate the value of any website to a reasonable degree of accuracy.

4: How often can I update the report of a website ?

Ans: You can update the report of a website after 1 day from the last updated date. We have set this limit because there is really no reason to update a website report too frequently, just consider that Alexa updates its data every 24 hours.

5: What can I do to hide the report of my website to your users ?

Ans: We allow you to easily and quickly remove your website from our database, please follow all the instructions located in the remove domain page. From the same page you can restore your website and make it visible again to all our users.

6: I found an error in your website, what should I do ?

Ans: Please do not hesitate to contact us and make sure to send us all the needed information about the error or bug you have found in our website. If you can include some screenshots about the error it would be very useful for us to reproduce the same error.

7: Can I consider your estimations to be 100% accurate ??

Ans: No, even if we do our best to make sure the estimated information about a website, such as the website worth and daily visitors, are accurate, we can not guarantee that these information are 100% accurate.

8: How do you generate the website worth and the other data ?

Ans: We use custom algorithms that are updated frequently, we take care of the backlinks present in search engines, of the Alexa statistics, of the Google Page Rank, and of a lot of other factors to generate the estimations about the traffic of a website.

9: Can I automate the submission of websites to your service ?

Ans: Please do not do that, if we detect that a script or a robot is used to make automated queries, we may ban your IP address and you will not be able anymore to query our website. Also it would consume us bandwidth and server performances and as this service is free, we do not support that.

10: Can you generate traffic statistics also for subdomains ?

Ans: At the moment no, we support only domain names. Take in mind that most subdomains are used for private use, such as,, etc and it would be useless to generate statistics for that subdomains.